At Growee, we are well aware that every child is different, and what serves a five-year-old is not necessarily good for a two-year-old. The key to supporting children in their development is a personalized approach. Growee ONE, the table and chair we designed, is a dedicated solution for the little ones. Ideal for daily play, education, or occupation. Indispensable in any home, tailored to age and current development.

Looking for your child’s first table and chair?

First of all - it grows with the child

The table and chair, will serve you from the age of 18 months, until your child is 4 years old. Thanks to the magnetic hoes designed by us, Growee One grows with your child! This is an innovative and safe solution created for your convenience.

Secondly - Safe

Rounded edges, zero corners, solid and sturdy construction guarantee safe use for any child.

Thirdly - Practical and functional

A specially protected top guarantees freedom of play. It is not intimidated by paints, plasticine or small accidents while eating. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and it’s like new! All this to not distract the child from what is most important – learning independecne, creativity and the desire to explore the surrounding world.

Fourthly - Stable and made of wood

An unsurpassed model of stability, for a toddler and a child for several years. Perfectly adapted place, natural, made of beautiful wood with solidity in every detail.